Say farewell to the automobile

The VOLTEIS® line proposes vehicles that are clean, energy efficient and offer an extensive range. With its unique design, VOLTEIS® is the source of a new art de vivre, the art of the sustainable perfect freedom.

No more filling up: the Volteis® is a 100 % electric and ecological vehicle looking towards the future. It can be recharged in a simple standard electric socket, consumes no oil and produces no pollutants, CO2, or particles, nothing... the dream has become reality.


Making ecology rhyme with economy, is quite normal for the Volteis® . In an urban cycle like everywhere else, its consumption scarcely reaches 1 euro per 100 km: an incredible performance in the middle of an energy crisis, for an easy going vehicle.

No oil changes, no filters, no spark plugs to change, the asynchronous motor and the batteries need no maintenance: the services are limited to the basics: tyres, brake pads... This is the Volteis® spirit : don't overburden your spirit cluttering with non-essentials.