*Frequently Aked Questions

What kind of driving licence do you need to drive the VOLTEIS® X4 VS2 or the VOLTEIS® X2 VS2?
In France, heavy quadricyles such as the VOLTEIS X4 VS2, can be driven as of 16 years of age, by all drivers with at least a valid A1, A4, AT, AL, B1 permit or a « road user license » delivered before 01/Apr/1958 and equivalent to all A, B, C and D permits.
In France, light quadricyles such as the VOLTEIS X2 VS2, can be driven as of 16 years of age:
- for drivers born prior to 1st January 1988 there are no special regulations.
- for drivers born after 1st January 1988, a “light quadricyles” brevet de sécurité routière (BSR) or Road Safety Certificate is required, or else a car or motorcycle license.
European legislation concerning the driver conditions and permit requirements is based on directive 91/439 which defines driving permits for different categories of motorized vehicles, starting with two-wheel vehicles.
 This directive requires a B1 permit for heavy quadricyles but doesn’t establish any special provisions for light quadricyles. Each European country is therefore free to either allow or forbid driving without a permit.

What is the kW power of the VOLTEIS®? What is the equivalence in horsepower or tax horsepower?
The motor power of VOLTEIS® electric vehicles is 4KW or 5.5 horsepower per motor.
The VOLTEIS® X4 is fitted with two motors, one for each axle, for a total power of 8KW or 11 HP (government certification of horsepower (tax HP) : 2).
As for the VOLTEIS® X2, equipped with a single motor, its power capacity is 4KW or 5 HP.

What is the estimated battery life?
The battery pack lasts for about 650 charging cycles. It is equivalent to 25,000 to 35,000 km, depending on the handling.
Where can I recharge my VOLTEIS® ? How does it take for a complete charge cycle?
The « Plug & drive - plug in, drive away ! » system allows you to perform a 100% recharge of the VOLTEIS® within 6 hours, regardless of the standard outlet you use.
I represent a company : Am I eligible for a VAT refund?
If your company orders a 2-seater vehicle, the lack of rear seats makes it eligible for a VAT refund.
Are batteries recycled once they’ve reached the end of their lifecycle ?
The batteries are recycled by the VOLTEIS® builder or related subsidiary, and are sent to a standard lead battery recycling centre.
What is the range for VOLTEIS vehicles?
It is ideal for short daily trips, with a 60 km range for the VOLTEIS® X4 VS2, and an average range of 70 km for the VOLTEIS® X2 VS2. Please note that there is a substantial variation in the range depending on the geography, the load, driving styles, ambient temperature…
To which category of vehicles do the VOLTEIS  belong?
The VOLTEIS® vehicles belong to the category of motor quadricyles.
The VOLTEIS X4 VS2 is in category L7e : Heavy quadricycle.
The VOLTEIS X2 VS2 is in category L6e : Light quadricycle.
What are the terms of warranty for VOLTEIS electric vehicles?
All new VOLTEIS® vehicles are guaranteed for a total of two years (not including batteries and wear parts).
The battery pack is guaranteed for 1 year.
The anticorrosion warranty lasts for 10 years, not including steel parts (wheel hubs, brake discs, steering column, racks, tie rods, etc) or steel fasteners.
Can a hitch be attached to the VOLTEIS® X4 VS2?
A hitch is proposed in the accessory options. It is certified for pulling a load of 200 Kg. This makes it suitable for transporting light loads and tools or small containers for garbage, leaves, branches…
May I choose a colour for my vehicle?
VOLTEIS® is the most customizable vehicle there is! The body has be painted over 250 colours and combined with 70 different upholstery tones.
How long does it take for delivery?
4 to 5 weeks as of the confirmation of your order.
Does the removable soft-top keep out humidity?
The soft-top completely isolates the inside of the vehicle and protects and driver and the passengers from rain and wind. Completely adjustable, this water-proof soft-top is adapted for all types of weather and was specially designed for all conditions (sun, snow, rain).
What is the slope climbing capacity of the VOLTEIS®X4 ?
The VOLTEIS® X4 VS2 is adapted for all types of terrain, snow, mud, sand, gravel...… It also offers excellent slope climbing capacity for gradients of up to 45 to 50%. Nonetheless the VOLTEIS® X4 VS2 was not developed for off-road endurance trials nor for driving over difficult terrain. It is an excellent all-terrain vehicle.
In case of a problem, what should I do? Is there a customer service network?
You may directly contact the VOLTEIS® dealer from whom you brought your vehicle or the manufacturer, who will refer you to repair shops that are part of the network servicing network of VOLTEIS®.
In addition to its own dealers, Electric Car – Volteis® works in partnership with the FESA network (Fédération des Electriciens Spécialisés Automobile – Federation of Electric Car Specialists) present everywhere in France and certified for servicing all electric or hybrid vehicles. In case of a breakdown or need for immediate servicing, we will refer you to the closest repair shop.
Is there a need for regular servicing? Are there any levels to check?
VOLTEIS® electric vehicles hardly need any maintenance (No oil changes, filters or spark plugs…); only wear parts (just like for any vehicle) which must be checked and changed when necessary.