What is VOLTEIS® about?

VOLTEIS®VOLTEIS® produces and markets electric cars, including some of the first electric 4x4 vehicles to receive European Union certification. The entire manufacturing process is located in the Rhône-Alpes region and has been approved by the ADEME.

The off-road vehicle, VOLTEIS® X4 VS2, is at home wherever is goes. On roads or on tracks, in sand or snow, it is a true 4x4 able to adapt to all conditions. Experience all of its facets and the characteristic purring sound  of their ultra quiet engines.

As for VOLTEIS® X2 VS2: this is the version which doesn't require a driving licence.

Delivery of the first vehicles started in March 2010. To date, VOLTEIS® has been making and selling  2 to 3 vehicles per week.

The vehicles are assembled in autonomous processes in a 2 300 m² covered space with a capacity of 30 vehicles per month.

The tried and tested relations with a prime list of suppliers, all French and European, have guaranteed a consistent level of quality as well as a dynamic Technology Watch.